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About Us



We are Scott & Shannon, the owners of ChoklaTude, located in beautiful Poulsbo, WA.

The idea for ChoklaTude first started to blossom in February 2014, while we were on our magical honeymoon in South America. While there we were fortunate enough to get to tour some of the theobroma cacao orchards and/or chocolate manufacturing businesses associated with them in Ecuador.

Upon returning, Shannon started thinking about the fact that it was difficult for her to drink coffee and tea any longer. It would make her too jittery and/or have terrible heartburn from all the acid. Then she had a thought! "Hey, chocolate is a bean! Why can't we roast and grind it like coffee so we can make a chocolate hot beverage and brew it like coffee?"

Well, she soon found out it was not that easy. The first several attempts were a disaster, and not to mention a huge mess! But, she did not give up, and kept researching. With Scott's support, and many friends and family as "guinea pigs", and perseverance, several months later, and a few destroyed coffee grinders, blenders, etc., she was finally able to develop a process to roast, grind and blend what is now ChoklaTude!

And not only did she come up with a Tudelicious beverage, she has also been able to develop several recipes using ChoklaTude, either dry out of the package or the leftover grounds, to make both baked goods and savory foods! (Keep an eye out on the "Recipes" page! Some of our favorite recipes soon to come!)

Best of all? No more jitters or acid! Plus, it is just cacao beans and spices, (NO added sugar!). If you've done any research, you know that means, all the nutrients and health benefits from the cacao, without all that extra added "stuff"!  And, it tastes great!

Once ChoklaTude was developed, we wanted to make sure we not only sold a product that taste good, but also made a positive impact in any way it/we can. We keep in contact with the wonderful people we met in Ecuador. We buy our beans from one of the small organic chocolate businesses we toured, as well as some of our spices from friends we made while there that source them for us.

We strongly and proudly believe in our slogan: "Chocolate with AttiTude & GratiTude!" Why?

  • AttiTude-ChoklaTude is just cacao beans and a special blend of spices, nothing else. 
  • GratiTude-We are truly grateful for all God's blessings and our wonderful family, friends and customers who have supported us over the years. And we both believe strongly in giving back whenever we can. Whether it's supporting the small farmers in Ecuador, volunteering in our community, or just helping out friends and family. "Always keep the AttiTude of GratiTude"!

Thank you for visiting our site! We both hope you enjoy ChoklaTude as much as we do!

As always...

With GratiTude,

Shannon & Scott