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About ChoklaTude & Our Ka'Kau

As the owners of ChoklaTude, and after much research, we believe that sourcing all of our cacao/cocoa/ka'kau beans from Central and South America to be the highest quality and best choice for our products and customers. After all, the Theobroma Cacao Tree is native to these areas. (Ceramic vessels containing residues for cacao beverages have been found at archaeological sites dating as far back to the Early Formative (1900-900 BC) period!)

In the high end chocolate confection industry you will hear about how the best chocolate makers make their chocolate "Bean to Bar". Here at ChoklaTude, we are committed to learning as much as we can on what we call "Root to Bean". Again, chocolate was originally only prepared as an unsweetened drink for thousands of years by the pre-Olmec people. It wasn't until after its arrival to Europe in the 1500's that sugar was added to it and it became popular throughout society, first among the ruling classes and then among the common people.

We at ChoklaTude believe in keeping with the essence of the pre-Olmec people and their traditional drink. We only roast whole beans in small batches to ensure all the beans reach the right temperature for flavor and health safety standards. We also package and label every product by hand to ensure our quality and consistency.

The cacao bean is much like the coffee bean or wine grape. Depending on the variety of bean, the terroir (amount of acidity in soil, how dry or wet the climate was that year, etc), the steps taken in processing (harvesting, fermenting, drying & roasting), all effect the flavor of the beans, to name a few. 

Our product mission at ChoklaTude is to constantly continue our education on "Root to Bean", meet with growers and "middle men", constantly improve our processes and never lower our quality standards. We are confident that with this mission in mind that all ChoklaTude products are of the highest quality and taste.

Along with our product mission we also have a personal mission. We believe at ChoklaTude that as our company grows, so does our commitment to our customers, growers and employees. We are committed to paying a fair price to the growers, so they can "better" their lives as well. We are committed to our employees, to pay a fair wage and to always strive to create a workplace where every employee looks forward to going to "work". Finally, we are committed to our customers to always provide them with the highest quality products and the best customer service. 

We strongly believe as long as we continue to dedicate ourselves to these missions that we will always have the AttiTude of GratiTude. After all, without all of you/them, there would be no ChoklaTude!