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from bean to bark "Rustic" Choklat

"from bean to bark"

Here at ChoklaTude we are choklat makers, not chocolatiers. Our choklat for our barks and hand dipped fruits is handmade from our organic beans, with organic sugar and/or organic cocoa butter as the only added ingredients, plus whatever "condiments" we may add, i.e.. organic nuts, fruits and spices. 

This means we roast, crack, winnow and refine our choklat right here, so you have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what is going in your mouth... NO soy, NO hydrogenated oils, NO wax and NO artificial flavors, etc... just choklat the way it was meant to be!

You may be thinking what's the difference? Isn't that what a chocolatier does? Nope, we make our choklat. A good majority of chocolatiers (not all), buy their chocolate from a larger company and then add their flavors/condiments, manipulate it into those gorgeous pieces of art, make truffles, etc. While we believe both is an art; our philosophy is in keeping with our mission of keeping everything as rustic and natural as possible, being "grateful" for what nature has given us already. 

While this is a new endeavor for us, and we are continually "refining" our art of choklat, we are also always striving to develop new and different "flavors" for our customers to explore. We hope you enjoy the taste of our "rustic" choklat as much as we do!