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Tude Happenings...

We are very happy to say that ChoklaTude is now available not only at "For the Love of Spice" in Gig Harbor, but also now in the Tacoma Boys store on 6th and Pearl in Tacoma. Plus we are currently in talks with other stores.

We did a demo @ Tacoma Boys earlier this month, and the response was very positive. ChoklaTude also had a booth at the Puyallup Spring Fair a week ago and the support was amazing once again! We had great sales and handed out over 1500 sample cups and around 1000 business cards and brochures. 

We also introduced three new products at the Fair! A preview of our new Belize beans, "TudeTilla" Tortilla Mix, and Hand Made Soaps made for us using ChoklaTude! All of them are amazing, and I'm happy to say, received a fabulous response!

In March we took our second trip to Belize and finalized our first deal for direct sourcing beans with the Maya farmers. We are super excited and expect to return in May or June to package the beans up for exportation.

Our goal is to eventually direct source all of our beans. This will enable us to know with certainty that the farmers are being paid a fair price and that the beans are meeting our "root to bean" standards.

As an added bonus, we have also been able to build not only a business relationship, with the farmers, but a cherished friendship as well. Which in turn also provides us with information on how we can best help them in other ways and show them our GratiTude. Most recently being we were able to bring two suitcases full of school supplies with us on our trip and got to meet the principal and tour the local school in their village. More needs to be done on that in the future, and we will keep you updated!

Finally, we have been working with a firm on rebranding ChoklaTude. Super excited! The design for the new logo has just been finished. I've attached a preview for all of you to see! We are close on finishing the new label and have them also working on redesigning our website!

As you can see, much is happening and we are thrilled! We cannot express our GratiTude enough on all the blessings that have come so far! 

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